After graduating from undergrad, people usually have a set of options. Look for a job, start a business, pursue their career or get their masters degree. Others choose to do both, get a masters degree and pursue their career at the same time.

This article has been inspired by observing a developer by day and student by night for more than a year now.

Keeping Both Sides Balanced

It takes a lot of hard work, time, energy and heart to keep both sides of the scale in perfect harmony especially when both or one of them is demanding.

However, a lot of satisfaction and sense of achievement comes when both work and school are going very well and not one is failing because of the other. This then becomes the greatest source of motivation to continue with the balancing act.

Does it mean no personal time?

Late nights, weekends, early mornings. There is barely any time to do anything for yourself, or so I am told. But I think that’s where many have it wrong. Isn’t getting your master’s degree something you are doing for yourself? Isn’t doing your best at your job something you are doing for yourself?

Once deadlines are met, there is plenty of time to hang out with friends, get back to your favorite series, continue with that book left or catch up on hours of lost sleep.

Keep your sanity.

In the rush to meet deadlines, keep both ends perfectly balanced and achieve the best results from both, you may forget that you’re human and need to recharge. Some don’t care as long as their grades are up and their bosses are pleased. They will work themselves to exhaustion forgetting that they are the ones holding the both sides of the balancing scales and if the center crashes then everything else falls with it.

Best way to handle it

So not to fall into total exhaustion or go into auto pilot because it’s not pretty, it is advisable and highly recommended to find other activities that are not work or school related. Could be joining a gym, watching a movie once a week, spending time with friends or occupying a few hours of the week with a hobby.


Being a part-time or full-time student, none is the wrong decision,  but either needs serious thought and preparation to take on the load.

Happy New Year!