Chronicles of working from home 7: Going back to the office and late night assignments

By September 16, 2020 No Comments

At some point of working from home, albeit enjoying it, I do miss going to the office every once in a while. Having the option of both is better than having just one. Lately, I have started making the effort of going once every two weeks and it has become something I look forward to. Armed with my mask and sanitizer, I make the effort of going once every two weeks and it’s been nice to see my colleagues in person, and not through my computer screen. Social distancing measures applied of course. I think I am enjoying it because I’m going on my own terms and not every day because I have to, for now at least. Dressing up and getting out of the house has also become more exciting than it normally was. And it’s good to know my clothes still fit perfectly.

Despite being home 24 hours a day, I still wake up exhausted most mornings because of going to bed at the wee hours of the night. Whenever I do intense coding assignments then try and sleep immediately after, it’ll probably take me 30+ minutes or an hour to get sleep. And it won’t be sound sleep, to say the least. So I wake up feeling like I’ve been running a marathon all night, my mind is at 100km/h and I need to get through my work-day and repeat. Monday to Friday, probably for the next 3 years. This particular semester has dragged me out of my comfort zone into the deep treacherous waters of low-level programming, and one thing for sure, it that it is not a walk in the park.

As I write this, all I can think about is how I need to get to studying for a coding assignment I need to do this evening, but know zilch about, and attend a work meeting. All in a day’s work of course. nervous smile

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