The Latest On My Master’s Degree Journey

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All Work and No Play?

May 27, 2016

Hello World!!!!!

Anytime I decide to try out something for the very first time, be it a new book, a new recipe or a new coding tool,…
November 1, 2018

Being Around Animation Artists

I am lucky enough to work with some insanely talented upcoming 2D and 3D artists. Seeing what they do and observing their thought process inspired…
January 24, 2018


2018 is here with us and this post is already long overdue. I try making resolutions every new year but for some reason, (and I…
December 6, 2018

Kalasha Award Winning Animation

The process behind Isolated has been a long time coming. My apologies Disclaimer, it is more technical than my usual writing and contains some graphic…

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