20 Linux Commands I use Almost Daily

Ubuntu has been my main operating system for over a year now. Though it may not be my main choice, for very superficial reason, I’ve come to warm up to it when it comes to development. Linux operates on commands… super convenient especially when you know which commands do what. Anyway, here are some commands […]

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Template or No Template

I went through the pros and cons of using and not using a template for the front-end design of a website, so in this article I may be complaining about and supporting the fact. Somewhere in between. Dreaded Deadlines Templates especially come in handy when you have deadlines hanging over your head like a freaking […]

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What kind of documentation reader are you?

Software development entails using several different tools together in harmony to create the end goal. No one ever really knows how all available tools work, that’s why they come with manuals, commonly known as documentation. I have come to the realization that the difficulty level of a developer’s job depends on how they read the […]

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