2018 is here with us and this post is already long overdue.

I try making resolutions every new year but for some reason, (and I know I’m not the only one), I always forget about them, or lose the book I had written them in. This year however, I decided to do things a bit differently. I decided not to write them down and not to call them resolutions, but goals instead, because for me that reduces the pressures a bit 😀

One of my goals this year is to maintain consistency in my blogging which I found really hard to do last year. I used to think content is key to blogging, but then with consistency, content just comes automatically.

So definitely this year I’ma shift gears and work on my my consistency.

Cheers and happy belated 2018. 😛

Hello World!!!!!

Anytime I decide to try out something for the very first time, be it a new book, a new recipe or a new coding tool, I experience a whole bunch of emotions at the same time, more like an adrenaline rush actually because I’m not sure what awaits me. I even doubt myself sometimes, more times than I can count and yet I decide why not? There is always a 50-50 chance I might end up loving it or hating it but I’ll never find out if I curl up and stay in my comfort zone.


As a computer science student, I get to discover and try out something new everyday. Few times because I have to but most of the times it’s because I want to. I want to be the girl that changes the perspective of Computer Science from something that seems so complex and intimidating to an experience or a journey that is exciting, fun and jittery (in a good way). I want to share my Computer Science journey that has so far rocked me to my core, my perspective from where I’m standing (as a girl in the tech world); all the wonderful moments that come when I get to launch a website online, when an app I’ve been working on is finally working and even the frustrating moments that come when I can’t figure out where a bug in my code is.

So here’s to the beginning of a new tech blogging journey:)