A week of earphones

By October 13, 2019 2019

No colours, just wannabe circles, symbols and wavy lines as I represent how much and why I used earphones this week.

It’s official. I cannot stay without them. Every day this week before leaving the house I had to check whether I had my earphones with me, and if I didn’t, I’d have a mini panic attack. There is no way that’s a good thing. However, they do come in handy especially when I want to escape to my own zone, not disturb other people in the house or office when I listen to, well whatever it is I’m listening to. Also, listening to podcasts as I walk to work.

This time I did not use any colours. I just wanted to use a plain pencil and come up with crazy fun symbols. Colours somehow limit me.

The symbol in the middle of theĀ  wannabe circle represents the reason I wore my earphones and the symbols on the outside represent what I was doing at the time.

The size of the circles show the length of time.



Lulu Ngei

Lulu Ngei

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