Free And Reliable Coding Sites I Have Used

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Want to learn how to code? What are you waiting for?

The following list has 5 websites for learning how to code that I have personally used and would totally recommend for any beginner.


w3schools is easily one of the most popular and easiest resource for anyone looking into how to get started with coding. It was my go to when I was still in school. It teaches the basics in almost all programming and marku languages. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Bootstrap. It has guides as well as exercises for those who want to test themselves. w3schools is like a dictionary to programming so it’s a good source for referencing.


This is another very popular learning site. Codecademy teaches the foundations of getting into development. It offers in 12 programming languages from Python, HTML. CSS, Javascript, Java, C++ to Ruby. The site includes a paid option that offers personalized learning plans, access to advisors and quizzes.



freeCodeCamp is a free interactive platform that aims to make web development learning accessible to everyone. Its resources range from programming courses, programming projects and preparations for developer jobs. Users earn free certifications after completing project(s).


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a general education website but it has a computing sections that teaches programming and computer science principles. It is a great resource for those who want to go deeper into computer science (other than web development).



Hacker rank is not a learning site but a practicing site. It has thousands of programming challenges categorized in different levels of skill. Programmers get to compete amongst themselves, so with every exercise you get to rate your progress. This is my current daily site.

In some cases, I prefer using books. When I was learning Python I used Think Python: How To Think Like A Computer Scientist by Allen Downey.

I find them more involving and doesn’t just teach the bare minimum. Totally recommend it.





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