A Week Of Compliments

By April 8, 2019 2019

This was a week of keeping track of compliments, the ones I gave and the ones I received. Why? Well I wanted to notice the things I appreciate about other people and what other people appreciate about me.

Data Gathering

No, I did not take out my phone or a pen and paper to record every time I gave or received a compliment. I just made a mental note of it, and recorded it when I was alone. Compliments this week included, well, basically anything that made anyone or myself smile (and or blush).

Everyday this week I ignored the fact that it was a week of compliments because I wanted any compliment I gave to be genuine and not for the purpose of collecting data. It worked!

My favorite part other than exploring different ways of representing my data was seeing some people’s faces light up after I gave them a compliment.

Data Representation

I chose to represent the larger data group, compliments, in a diamond shape and split them in two categories: given and received. Given compliments have an orange shade and received compliments have a blue shade.

I tend to enjoy using dots and lines. It’s easier I guess and somewhat automatic. Maybe I should think of more shapes to use in representing small data groups.

Orange hue: Compliments given Blue hue: Compliments received

P.S: I forgot to include one other “Reason”. The “X” symbol represents my manicure.



Lulu Ngei

Lulu Ngei

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