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By March 21, 2019 2019

Today is one of those extra looong days. When every hour seems tripled and my mind cannot stay focused for as long as 5 minutes without getting carried away into an infinite space of utter nonsense.

Looks at a pen on my desk, ‘I wonder when this pen was made’

Between early this morning and the time this article is published, I have made a website mock up design, played around with Adobe After Effects, tried watching a tutorial on how Adobe After Effects works when I got stuck, did some programming exercises, colored a mandala pattern and wrote an article, tidied up my desk even though it didn’t need tidying. No, none of these things have been completed so don’t be impressed.

Zones out again.

By the way, I always have a plan, I am never this disorganized. I just happened to do 5 things at once much to the protest of my whole being; body and mind. It actually causes distress and physical pain.

You know what else is giving me physical pain and distress, WORDPRESS! I updated it recently and what I use most of the time, that part that writes/edits articles is just different. What in the world are the blocks for and why can’t I change the font size of one line without changing the entire ‘block’. Yeah, the blocks again!

Any wordpress user with tips and solutions, help a girl out.


I envy you. Yes you! You who has had a perfect, focused and productive day! When I grow up, I want to be like you.

Not one of my best days at all!



Lulu Ngei

Lulu Ngei

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