A Week of My Phone: 03.02 to 09.02

By February 14, 2019 2019

This week was about observing why I touch my phone and what goes through my mind before my hands subconsciously pick it up.

There were moments I would have a mild panic attack when I didn’t know where it was, but there were moments I actually didn’t even care.  There were times I’d immediately respond to a message as soon as I heard a notification, other times I’d just flat out ignore it and carry on with something else. The latter was a moment of bliss to be honest.

I just noticed that not once did I take a selfie this week. Pats myself on back

Gathering and Presenting Data

At first I recorded my daily phone use. Where I was, what I was doing, the day, the app, etc. By the 5th, Tuesday, this turned out to be so much information and I got confused on how I’d represent it in simple clear diagrams. So I got rid of the days and the app and chose to stick to my location and the reason. I generalized my location to home, work, car, bus, restaurant and other places (lifts, supermarket, the garden,etc). I couldn’t come around to list everywhere I was.

The length of the line represents the frequency of the the action, so the longer the line. the often a particular reason would happen.


This data activity is getting exciting by the day!!



Lulu Ngei

Lulu Ngei

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