A Week of Food: 27.01 to 02.02

By February 4, 2019 2019

This week I chose to notice the moments I was eating. From the moment I had a meal. snack or beverage in front of me, I’d pick up on its scents, colors, shapes, and whether or not I anticipated to have it. Then as soon as I began eating I’d try and do only that. No phone, no t.v, no book, except the occasional small talk with whomever was around me.

I noticed so many things in those different times. Taste became intense, some foods affected my mood at the time, sometimes I just wanted to finish and forget about it, but what stood out is how every time, I felt completely grateful. I think all these things were there before, I just never noticed them. Eating was almost an auto-pilot setting. My attention would be on my phone or some other object other than what was in front of me.

I even found bliss in something as mere as a glass of water.

Gathering and Presenting Data

Gathering data this week was pretty easy, figuring out how to present it was the tricky part.

At first I thought I’d specifically represent everything I ate e.g cereal, an apple, rice etc. But then that would need too many key symbols. I chose to group them, simpler, cleaner and less information to display.

Since this was a food week, I thought I’d visually present my data with objects in the kitchen family.

Everyday of the week is represented by a fork like drawing (forgive my artistry) and each tine on the fork represents the time I had a meal. For the meals, I chose to do circles on top of circles because I actually like how the inside of an onion look like. The center of the circle represents how I felt during an after the meal.



Lulu Ngei

Lulu Ngei

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