This is a tad different from what usually post about but I thought I may as well make this my space to talk about anything and everything lulu related 🙂


I tried reading this a few months ago (beginning of the year) then stopped halfway for some reason and put it back on the shelf to collect dust. I picked it up again last week mainly because of the guilt I had every time I saw it and remembered how I never gave it a fair chance, and I was not at all disappointed.

Published in 1998 and written by Iyanla Vanzat, in the meantime is a self-help book that talks about living a life filled with self acceptance, unconditional self love and love for others. She describes love in the analogy of a house with 5 floors where each floor is a stage in life with important lessons.

The Basement, The First Floor, The Second Floor, The Third Floor and The Attic. The Attic being the final floor which she describes as the stage where one lives the ideal life.

Life is a journey for every live human being. You’re born, go to school, make relationships, go to college, make more relationships, start  working, get married, have children, raise them, retire, review the life that you lived, then die.Going through all these steps is also switching in between floors in life’s house. You may be going up, good for you you may be stuck on one floor not so good or you may be going down terrible. The one common thing in all these steps is making and breaking relationships with people. In the 7-8 decades of one’s life, he/ she will move around in 5 floors of this metaphorical house. The goal is to constantly move up and make it to the attic, then stay there before your time runs out. The one common thing in these steps is making and/or breaking relationships with other people who by the way are somewhere in a floor in love’s house.

The meantime experience is that time you know where you want to be but you are not quite sure how to get there, or you know you have to be somewhere but you are not sure where.Your vision and life’s purpose are a bit blurry. No one ever prepares you for the meantime experience. You figure things out through trial and error. Some people do not go through so many errors or trials and others errors and trials and errors are all that their life seems to revolve around.

The book describes how being gentle with yourself, giving yourself the love that you expect to get from others and giving love to other people unconditionally is the key to living a satisfied and happy life. It clears your head and opens up your mind to its greatest potential. It is living the life God intended all His children to live.

I won’t talk about what is in every single floor, I’ll let you read that for yourself.

Where are you? Do you even know where you should be or if you are anywhere at all?, and I do not mean geographically.


A quote that stuck with me was “My only purpose for being on the planet is to awaken my God Self, to celebrate life and to do what brings me joy!”

I’d recommend this for anyone who is into non-fiction self-improvement books. Good for you if you are 🙂

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