I picked up my laptop 1000 times over the past few weeks and 1000 times I have put it away with blank pages for drafts. So today being a holiday, having a slow day and still in my pajamas, I thought I’d just pick it up and write whatever comes to mind. Writer’s block. The irony.

Writer’s block is staring at the blinking cursor on my blank page and becoming frustrated. Writer’s block is spending weeks looking for inspiration and coming up with nothing. Writer’s block is coming up with a topic for an article, getting two to three lines down then getting a brain fart and completely going blank. If you write, the you’ll realize it is the worst feeling a writer or an aspiring writer would experience. To be honest, it makes me dizzy.

I am picking up a few pointers on how to overcome it, or rather not let it take over my vibe. Here’s what I have on my list so far:

  • Go outdoors

I do not mean climb a mountain, just sit outside your house or office, go for a walk, walk to somewhere instead of driving. Be outside and not inside a building or vehicle. This clears my head and helps me think straight without any frustrations. When it’s raining do the next best thing, watch a nature channel like national geographic. It’ll make you feel like you are outside 😛

  • Read something

Could be anything relaxing. A novel, a comic, or if you’re not much of a reader, watch something. Ideas tend to pop up when your mind is in its relaxed state.

  • Write down your topics

Writing down ideas for topics you’d want to explore and number them according to which one you’d want to start with, then start researching and writing drafts using pen and paper. As this process continues, you won’t even remember you had writer’s block.

  • Exercise and eat healthy

No, I am not trying to be a health guru, but my mind works best when my body is healthy, and I think that’s how the human body in general works. I bet it would be good for anyone. A healthy body = a healthy mind = an endless pool of ideas.

  • Read related content

Get inspiration from other writers. Could be blogs, books, magazine articles or videos. We don’t know everything. A little inspiration goes a very long way.

  • Just write

Lastly, a wise person once told me to just write. Take your notebook or your device and just write away. Whatever comes to mind, get it out. This post was not premeditated, planned, or thought of. I just took my laptop and started typing my fingers away.


Goodbye writer’s block, till next time. Hopefully not.