Reasons your PC may be slow.

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At some point in the lifespan of a laptop, it starts becoming excruciatingly slow. You may or may not know the reason why but either way, this makes you hate using that laptop that once excited you.

Here are a few reasons your laptop may be acting old and grey.

  • Too many programs running in the background.

There are some sneaky programs that start running on their own as soon as you turn on your computer making the start-up process a nightmare. Fear not though, this can be controlled by opening the task manager and ending all programs you think are unnecessary.

  • Full hard drive.

The reason may be as simple as you have too much stuff in your computer that you do not need. Get rid of it!! At least have 200- 500 MB of free hard disk space.

How to find out how much disk space you have left.

  • Failing hard drive

Sometimes we corrupt our hard disks without knowing. Remember in that first ever computer class when you were taught the procedure of shutting down a computer? Well that procedure happens to be quite important. Reasons for a failing hard disk may be:

  1. Suddenly cutting off your computer’s power supply without a heads up.
  2. Your hard disk may be infected with a virus.
  3. The hard disk may be physically damaged.

Fixes for these issues are:

  1. Following your first computer teacher’s instructions on shutting down properly.
  2. Scan for  malware.This can be done using malwarebytes, an antimalware software that finds and removes malware.
  3. Scan for viruses. Have an antivirus installed or its equivalent like windows defender for Microsoft Windows which usually comes pre-installed.
  4. Run a disk check to find out whether the hard disk is actually damaged.
  • A long time before rebooting

Sometimes computers need a break and being on for a long time without being rebooted may be a cause of being sluggish. Try rebooting your PC, it’ll thank you 🙂

  • Ancient

You may have searched for solutions to you slow laptop but nothing seems to work. It may just probably be old. You can always get a new one.


However the reasons a PC may be slow are not limited to the ones above. There are many many more




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