I always install different apps on my phone much to its demur. When it complains of little space, I ignore that annoying notification and go on pressing “install” on whatever app I have in mind at that moment. It could be a recommendation from a friend, one that had good reviews, or a completely unnecessary one I found in my aimless wander through play store. Some of, actually most of them I never even open, let alone use. Those are the ones I uninstall to create room for the new exciting ones. However, there are some that I am so happy I came across. Here’s a list of my current favorite apps.


I have to admit, there is nothing I find more satisfying that crossing stuff off my to-do list. Looking at a list of tasks that are completed makes me so happy! My inner child does a little dance.I started using Wunderlist while in school and I was able to stay on-top of things the whole time. I would list my assignments, projects, presentations, set deadlines and reminders then just relax and not panic last minute.

My favorite part is that it has categories or folders, so I don’t have to mix personal tasks, work tasks and errands together in one long and very unappealing list. Every task has it’s own little folder.



Sigh of satisfaction. Pinterest is just an endless pool of ideas. I think I go to pinterest more times than to actual people for ideas. Saying that out loud makes me realize I need to reevaluate some aspects of my life. But it literally has everything: Color schemes, jokes, art, recipes, poetry… anything. I think it’s a really nice platform to share your ideas with the world. If you have not tried it, I think you really really should.


Google Podcasts  



Sometimes I get bored of listening to music on my commutes but I would still want to escape to my own world with my earphones on. I discovered google podcasts just recently and have I loved every minute of it. It has a collection of different podcasts on so many different topics. It even has audio books for any book lovers out there.

Currently listening to the case book of Sherlock Holmes.





















Aaaand…. I can download some episodes and have them offline so I don’t have to be connected to the internet whenever I want to listen to anything.


Infinity Loop

I love puzzle games. I try having one puzzle game at a time on my phone so I can finish it without being distracted by a different one. The one I am currently playing is Infinity Loop.



The challenge is to either disconnect an infinite shape made up of many tiny individual pieces until each piece is independent or to connect the same tiny individual pieces to make an infinite shape. Stuck on the latter’s level 11. It’s a good game to keep your brain’s juices flowing.



This is actually a technique. It does have an app which I uninstalled but still use the same theory with my timer. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method, where you break down your work into intervals of 25 minutes (called pomodoros), separated by short breaks of like 3-5 minutes. This has been life-changing because I have the attention span of a goldfish. I could be in the middle of writing code, then a few seconds later I find myself scrolling through my pinterest feed or looking for online shops with sales. It can get quite frustrating. Anyone going through the same would appreciate being able to stay focused for a whole 25 minutes without wandering off to Narnia. Plus it has made me so productive.


Which are your favorite or worst apps?