We are in the century when websites are the new posters. Hospitals have them, chefs have them, law-firms have them, schools have them, even some butcheries have them, literally every industry uses them. When anyone needs any information about something, they don’t even ask somebody, they go to the web and hope to find a website about whatever it is they want.


Building a website may or may not have a lot to it. Depends on what you really want at the end. Whether it is that first very simple website you built while you were learning web development or the super complex yet amazing netflix website. It mainly just depends on what you use in terms of the languages and frameworks.

Think of it this way, from potatoes, you can make over twenty dishes. Some exquisite, some boring, and some just alright. What you come up in the end depends on the ingredients you have, and to know which ingredients to use, you must have a vision (know what you want your end goal to be).


To Fry or not to Fry

You have with you a bowl of raw unpeeled potatoes and not exactly sure what to do with them. Will you make chips. mashed potatoes, home fries or something fancy like a potato salad?


Once you know what you want to create, (I like to make rough sketches), you need to figure out who your audience is. What are they like? What is their age group? What would they want to see…etc.This may actually affect your initial idea and take you back to the drawing board. No point in giving people what they would not like or want to use. That would be a waste of time, energy and a lot of investment. Besides, it beats the point of having one in the first place. Create with your audience in mind, just like you would cook with whoever is eating in mind.


Once you have a grounded (pun intended) idea, identify what you will need to bring it to life. A database to store all the data it will hold, the basic languages of web development like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or PHP, a domain name and a hosting service. You may not always know immediately what you’d need, that’s why it is advisable to research a bit before coming up with a final list. Find out from forums, people who are experienced, the internet. Exhaust your options and you’ll have a final list that you have full confidence in.

With salt, pepper, onions, cheese, sour cream, bacon, potatoes of course and recipe from a cookbook you have yourself a delicious creamy potato salad, in your head.


Do I really need to?

After you know what you need and what to do, you may either get motivated by the challenge or discouraged by the tediousness of the process that awaits you, like the say, sometimes it is easier said than done.

This is the part where you decide whether you’re in our out. Will you challenge yourself to build the website from scratch / make that potato dish you have never made before?

If you choose to take the road to conquering Goliath and do it from the ground up, then pat yourself on the back. If you choose to go down the breezy road, then be grateful we are in the 21st Century where you do not have to be a chef to eat or serve an exquisite meal and you do not have to be a developer to build a top notch website.

You can always go to a restaurant or order take-out, and use website builders like wix and wordpress where what you may mainly do is just drag and drop elements however you like them to appear with the guidelines right in front of you.


Don’t be shy

There is this common notion many people tend to have that building websites is super complicated, and learning how to build one is rocket science. My few years in this field have taught me that this belief is all in the head.

Add to your skills by learning a few web development languages, test your eye for design by designing a website using a website builder.

You may just enjoy it and discover there is nothing much to it and not shudder whenever you hear about building one.

Happy New Month Everyone xxx

(PS Potatoes are my favorite food)



Lulu Ngei