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It’s been a while, but here I am again.

Change is something that scares many people, because no one is always willing to go for something with so much uncertainty or give up something that they have been used to for a long time. Sometimes it’s a willing decision while other times it’s because we don’t have a choice.  A different school, different neighborhood, a different job, moving to a new city, all these can get really scary, the idea is even unappealing sometimes, though there’s always a silver lining.

I recently switched from something that I have been used to for so long, to something completely different.  Though reluctant, I thought “Why not? I might end up liking or even loving it, who knows?”.

I have used an iPhone for quite some time and I just recently switched to an Android phone. I was so attached to apple devices that one of my friends even called me an “iSheep.” To be honest, there are moments I am tempted to switch back to iPhone. If you’ve ever been home-sick, then you can almost relate because the feeling is close to that.

Anyways, I have been asked by a few people what it has been like to switch, how I find the interaction with android, is iOS better, etc., so here goes. But before I continue, lemme say that this is not meant to be an exhaustive review and does not delve into the technical aspects. It is an opinion.


I’ll start with the one thing that we do over a million times in a day. Picking up the phone and turning on an app. The iPhone is the easiest phone to use. Some people might complain about the lack of change in its User Interface (UI) over the years. It has remained the same since the original iPhone to the iPhone 7. I for one consider it amazing that it pretty much works the same as it did way back in 2007.


A comparison between the UI of the iPhone 6S of September 2015 and the iPhone 4 of June 2010. The icons and the feel of the UI are exactly the same. So for those who are not very enthusiastic about change, I’d advice you stick to iPhone.


Even the dialer still looks exactly the same.

It’s always just a simple procedure, “pick it up, turn it on and open an app”. I feel like Android has too much going on with the app drawer and the annoying overlay.



Both android and iOS have millions of apps in their stores, but from what I have discovered iPhone has always been favored by developers when it comes to the platform of choice of launching the hottest Apps.


And speaking of apps, when I was on iPhone, I never got the annoying problem of ads like I do now on Android.

I am not being biased but yeah, I said it, iPhone will always be the best when it comes to apps.




I must say though, the affordable price of Android phones with good designs and amazing specs is quite impressive, and to add to that, there’s sooo many to choose from. Phones, phones, phones,


unlike the iPhone with its exclusive factor of going all out when it comes to pricing and a very shallow pool to choose. Actually, there’s no variety, just one phone, the iPhone. It only has different developed versions.

Almost anyone can afford an Android phone that would fit their needs. When it comes to affordability and variety, android takes this one home, no questions asked.



Being able to change the look of your phone according to your own preferences is really cool, I have to admit. A strong point of android is the level of customization it allows. While Apple prefers to keep control of literally everything to maintain a uniform software and hardware experience, Android allows you to customize your phone however you want, from live wallpapers, unique keyboards to custom ROM installation.

For the creative and artsy people out there, I bet you’d enjoy this customization freedom. Go crazy!!



It has been just a few weeks since I stopped using an iOS phone and added an Android phone in to my daily life. Yes, there are moments I am tempted to switch back, but then, like I said earlier, there is always a silver lining. Android has its advantages, so I can’t really say one is better than the other. They both have their yays and nays.


For anyone out there who wants a new phone but is going through the dilemma of having to decide between android or iOS, (which i went through by the way), so from experience ,


I’d say list the pros and cons of either, and follow your heart, neither is a wrong choice 🙂

Cheerio, till next time:D



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